Rain and Fujifilm

There’s something about rain that brings out the inner photographer in a lot of people. Just look at your Facebook newsfeed after a rainy day (may not be applicable for people living in the likes of London, if you know what I mean), and you will see tons of pictures of the rain coming out of people who otherwise don’t take photos that much.

Outdoor photographers usually don’t like the rainy days because the lighting condition is not the best at that time. Only the people who have studied and tried photography will know how important lighting is and how rainy weather leads to a considerable lack of natural light. However, if one can manage to go out and take some pictures, the results are always rewarding.

Having said that, none of my phones or cameras are weather-sealed, and the road condition is so bad that going out during or after the rain is not ideal. That’s why when you can get a picture like this that conveys the vibe of rain without you having to leave the room, you know that you must put it online for the world to see!

By A. I. Sajib

I unapologetically enjoy writing about tech and life. I love cars. I'm a Happiness Engineer at Automattic/ The best way to get to know more about me is through my blog at

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