5k imac

5K iMac 27-inch

This is my new favorite piece of tech: My 2017 5K Retina iMac.

sajek bangladesh

Enjoying Sajek

Sajek has a majestic beauty that cannot be fully described in words nor can it be shown through any form of visual media. It’s something you have to experience for yourself.

oneplus 5

Reviewing OnePlus 5

I have been using OnePlus 5, the flagship model from one of the most reputed yet smallest companies that produce Android phones, for the past week. This phone makes me want to go back to Android. It is extremely snappy, the customized Android called OxygenOS is properly optimized to take advantage of the ridiculous hardware configuration of Octa-core processor and 8 GB RAM.

The result? I got a phone that never lags, is literally snappier than my iPhone 6s to take photos, and is faster than Touch ID to unlock using my fingerprint. As you can tell, there are a lot of good things I have to say about this phone. For the upcoming full review, subscribe to ais.blog today.

horse in cox's bazar sea beach

Lonely Horse

Today I took a short early morning trip to the beach in Cox’s Bazar only to discover this lonely horse standing still in the middle of the beach. It wasn’t obvious why the horse was standing there.

There were other horses around with their owner looking for riders. But this one was standing still. As I was approaching it, I got my camera out and kept snapping pictures as I got nearer. To my surprise, it wasn’t moving even when I was standing very close to it.

Unable to understand the reason, we continued to stroll onto the beach. The horse was still standing there when we were leaving the beach some 20 minutes later.