mermaid beach resort cox’s bazar

“Today” at Mermaid Beach Resort

Continuing yesterday’s photo post, here’s another cool thing that you’ll encounter after entering the Mermaid Beach Resort premises. It’s a nice “Today” view made of wooden panels that gives you important information about the day, including the high tide and low tide time for your safety at the beach.

American Express Lounge at Shahjalal International Airport

Amex Lounge at Shahjalal International Airport

One of the perks — not that there are many — of getting a City Bank American Express Credit Card (Gold) is that when you’re leaving the country, you can enjoy a somewhat luxurious lounge at the Shahjalal International Airport.

The lounge is pretty calm and beautiful. It has a good selection of free food that you can eat before you start your journey. There’s free WiFi with adequate speed to do some heavy browsing.

The lounge is accessible after you cross the immigration point, so you will likely not be spending a lot of time in there as you can only cross immigration after you’ve checked in, which is no more than a couple of hours before the departure time.

Why did I say that there aren’t many perks of getting an Amex card? Well, turns out, in Bangladesh, most merchants accept either Visa or MasterCard. American Express is not accepted as widely as Visa and MasterCard. Not that you can live without carrying cash in Bangladesh, but those places that do accept card transaction, they usually don’t support Amex cards, which is a bummer.

mermaid beach resort

Mermaid Beach Resort

After a serene drive through the recently-inaugurated Marine Drive in Cox’s Bazar, you will reach the Mermaid Beach Resort. The place is extremely expensive to live in, but all that money is worth it. You’ll get a different flaire of the beach that you can’t get from the regular hotels or resorts.

Pictured is the entrance to the resort. You can visit it to enjoy some delicious food at its restaurant. You’ll see why I’m saying that Mermaid Beach Resort gives you a different taste of the environment. One that is hard to find elsewhere in the city.

three monitor gaming

Three-Screen Eyefinity

Gaming on a three-monitor set up has always been on my wishlist. However, the fact that I don’t really need three monitors for anything else has always kept me from purchasing three monitors. Then I stumbled upon a friend’s office where he had the three monitor setup. It’s not perfect because I think you at least need 27-inch monitors to get the proper eyefinity feel. But it’s something. (Plus he didn’t have any of the mainstream games like NFS or Dirt series, and Asphalt didn’t do justice to the setup.)


T-Bone Steak at Mermaid Café

I love steak. Mermaid Café in Cox’s Bazar has three different kinds of steaks. Tuna steak, boneless beef steak, and T-bone steak. For obvious reasons, I opted for boneless beef steak last time I visited the cafe. But I didn’t quite like the boneless steak. T-Bone, while required an extra bit of work, was much tastier.

So this time, I didn’t forget to order the T-Bone steak. Coupled with their famous Mint Mojito, it was the meal of the entire trip!

Shot with OnePlus 5’s Depth Effect enabled.