flight tracker on a mac

Tracking a flight

Aviation technology has always fascinated me. From booking a flight that can happen from a million different places to how a flight is tracked all over the world, it has never failed to amaze me. Recently, I discovered this cool site where you can track the live status of any flight that’s currently airborne. As my brother headed for Germany, his first flight from Bangladesh did not have a tracker it in, but his second flight did have a tracker. As a result, as you can see above, I was able to view the live position of his flight just like he was able to view it on his personal monitor for the in-flight entertainment system.

flight tracker
Getting position log (Latitude and Longitude) to search the flight’s current position on Google Maps.
Flight’s current location according to GPS logs.
flight tracker
When the flight had a tracker, it became a lot easier just to watch where the aircraft currently is.



airplane window cloud

Amidst the Cloud

This is probably one of the most taken photographs on the planet. Pretty much everyone who has ever traveled on a plane has taken this mandatory out-of-the-airplane-window photo that shows the wing of the airplane cutting through the river of cloud.

I wanted to share this because I think the cloud has taken a dramatic look in this photo. Usually, they look pure white against the blue backdrop of the sky. But in this particular photo, as you can see above, the clouds are looking like a bit moody. Kind of like that moment before an epic movie is reaching a dramatic climax.