Scattered Clouds

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Cloudy Morning in Whistler

The last day before you leave when you’re out traveling is always the saddest. It was no different for me. Coming from an unbearably hot and humid weather, the cloudy and drizzling weather in Whistler on the day before I was going to leave made me miss the calm and beautiful place even more. The photo wasn’t even taken in early morning. I believe it was about 8-9 in the morning when I took this shot.

One look at all that cloud and you could tell that the rain was coming. (And it did indeed come later in the day.)

But the most surprising part for me was the fact that the weather forecast 7 days earlier so darn accurate. In Dhaka, the forecast can be hit and miss. But every time I travel to the west, I’m surprised by the accuracy of the forecast. I wish we had that here too.

(And as a side note, I’ve been playing with Affinity Photo on my new iPad Pro and edited the picture above. Here’s the original photo for reference.)


Given that I wasn’t shooting RAW and it was shot on an iPhone 6s, the transformation was really cool to see. I’m not even expert at Affinity Photo yet, so imagine what the possibilities are if you know the ins-and-outs of this app!


Mystic Cloud

Keeping up with the trend of airplane window photo that I posted previously, here’s another photo that was taken just as the plane took a slow dive from above the cloud to under them. I always loved when the plan hits the thick and mystic cloud. It doesn’t last for too long unless you can capture it on a camera. Then it lasts for as long as you want.


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Amidst the Cloud

This is probably one of the most taken photographs on the planet. Pretty much everyone who has ever traveled on a plane has taken this mandatory out-of-the-airplane-window photo that shows the wing of the airplane cutting through the river of cloud.

I wanted to share this because I think the cloud has taken a dramatic look in this photo. Usually, they look pure white against the blue backdrop of the sky. But in this particular photo, as you can see above, the clouds are looking like a bit moody. Kind of like that moment before an epic movie is reaching a dramatic climax.