MacBook Pro speakers

One of the coolest things about the new MacBook Pro is the quality of the speakers. The first few times I played music after getting it, I literally had to look at it and be like wow that’s something! Especially at the 15-inch model, the bass is pretty great for a laptop.

three monitor gaming

Three-Screen Eyefinity

Gaming on a three-monitor set up has always been on my wishlist. However, the fact that I don’t really need three monitors for anything else has always kept me from purchasing three monitors. Then I stumbled upon a friend’s office where he had the three monitor setup. It’s not perfect because I think you at least need 27-inch monitors to get the proper eyefinity feel. But it’s something. (Plus he didn’t have any of the mainstream games like NFS or Dirt series, and Asphalt didn’t do justice to the setup.)

oneplus 5

Reviewing OnePlus 5

I have been using OnePlus 5, the flagship model from one of the most reputed yet smallest companies that produce Android phones, for the past week. This phone makes me want to go back to Android. It is extremely snappy, the customized Android called OxygenOS is properly optimized to take advantage of the ridiculous hardware configuration of Octa-core processor and 8 GB RAM.

The result? I got a phone that never lags, is literally snappier than my iPhone 6s to take photos, and is faster than Touch ID to unlock using my fingerprint. As you can tell, there are a lot of good things I have to say about this phone. For the upcoming full review, subscribe to today.

fujifilm and rain

Rain and Fujifilm

There’s something about rain that brings out the inner photographer in a lot of people. Just look at your Facebook newsfeed after a rainy day (may not be applicable for people living in the likes of London, if you know what I mean), and you will see tons of pictures of the rain coming out of people who otherwise don’t take photos that much.

Outdoor photographers usually don’t like the rainy days because the lighting condition is not the best at that time. Only the people who have studied and tried photography will know how important lighting is and how rainy weather leads to a considerable lack of natural light. However, if one can manage to go out and take some pictures, the results are always rewarding.

Having said that, none of my phones or cameras are weather-sealed, and the road condition is so bad that going out during or after the rain is not ideal. That’s why when you can get a picture like this that conveys the vibe of rain without you having to leave the room, you know that you must put it online for the world to see!